Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

How do I change the battery – I've read the manual and do not see the battery compartment?
Your Craftsman Multimeter has protective rubber holster that the meter fits into. The holster must first be removed from the meter in order to replace the battery. The battery compartment can then be accessed to change the battery.
Battery replacement

I have misplaced my manual. How can I get another one?
Click the Downloads link on to be taken to the Manuals download page. Select the Craftsman Model number and you can view or download the manual.

The readings my meter is giving are much lower than I expected. Is there something wrong with the meter?
This could be a sign that the battery in your meter may be running low. Please install a new battery to ensure maximum battery power. If the problem still persists. Please contact Customer Service at 1-888-326-1006.

When I select the resistance setting on my analog craftsman Multimeter the needle moves all the way to right off scale. Is this normal?
Yes, when using an analog meter on the resistance setting the needle stays off scale to the right until the leads are used to test the resistance of a component. Once the leads are touching the resistor the needle will move back to the left and provide the reading result.

Why can't I get a reading from my Craftsman clamp meter when I am testing my truck alternator set to amps AC?
The current from your truck alternator is DC current. Set the function switch on your clamp meter to the amps DC position to obtain the correct reading.

I need to get replacement fuses for my Craftsman meter. Where can I get them?
For replacement parts go directly to your local Sears store or visit

My digital Multimeter always reads "OL" when set to the resistance or continuity function even when I am not testing anything. Is that Normal or is there a problem?
That is normal operation. Once you apply the leads to the device under test you will close the circuit and get a reading on the meter.

How do I use my digital Multimeter to measure the voltage in my wall outlet at home?
If you have an auto ranging meter set the function dial to VAC. Insert the red test lead into the red jack labeled with a "V" and insert the black Test lead into the black colored jack label "COM". Insert the black test probe tip into the neutral side of the circuit. Touch the red test probe Tip to the "hot" side of the circuit and take the reading on the display. If the reading is Proceeded by a (-) negative sign switch the leads in the wall outlet to obtain a positive reading.
If your Multimeter is manually ranging, set the function switch to the highest VAC range position. Insert the red and black leads into the positive Negative sides of the outlet as described above. Read the voltage on the display. Use the function dial switch to successively lower the VAC position to obtain a higher resolution reading.

What is the clamp part of my meter used for?
The clamp function will measure the amount of electrical current in amperes flowing through a single wire conductor. Please note that the clamp Function will not work on multiple conductor cords such as power cords, extension cords, etc that plug into a wall outlet. In those cases a line Splitter is required to use the clamp function.

I just purchased my Craftsman meter and my display reads out in all "Number 8's". Why?
Check to make sure the protective film over the display is removed.

I am looking to repair my Craftsman meter on my own - Can I have schematics?
Schematics are not available and repair should be done by a factory trained technician only.

I cannot find the battery compartment on my meter to replace the battery. Where is it located?
The meter has a hard rubber protective holster that fits over and around the meter tightly for protection - this does come off. Remove this and you will see the battery compartment on the back of the unit.

How do I contact Technical Support?
You can contact Tech Support at 1-888-326-1006.

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